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Sociology of selfies, a memento of (in)action

girls taking a selfie
In predominantly western cultures selfies are an exhibition and performance of oneself. Selfies are everywhere (Senft & Baym, 2015, p. 1588) and they have become the core component of many social media platforms, specially one such as Instagram. While the phenomenon of taking selfies is widely common across the globe, the intention and meaning behind the click on the phone camera can be completely different depending on your location. In the West, often times selfies are paired with filters...

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One Takes All: How Attention is Successful in Our Economy

successful attention
There are reasons why the economy of attention works, but it’s not as obvious as it seems. A constant fight against loneliness and the illusory belief that celebrities deeply care about us individually are among the causes behind the success of the attention economy. Newspapers, TV, Radio – The Economy of Information In the past, education and knowledge were reserved to a few chosen ones. Even academic settings were restricted, so many people relied on media such as Newspapers, TV,...

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3 Reasons Why I’m Sick of the Attention Economy (and you should be too)

attention economy
Our distracting world is using attention economy to keeps us glued to our phones and computers. It’s time for some damage control. You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and posts from your favorite pop stars’ concert tours grab your attention. Wow, they’re thinking about you, right? You know they want you and only YOU to attend and have a great time with them. Of course, they’re being so nice to you, you’re their biggest fan, right? Wrong! via GIPHY You and I know that’s not how it is....

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