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Cameo: a brief appearance to monopolize the attention

Home page of Cameo website
Cameo is a platform on which celebrities can sign up and decide for which price they are willing to record personalized messages, zoom meetings, or chat with their fans. The platform retains 25% of that price, and if the videos are not recorded within seven days of booking the fan is refunded. Celebrities can also decide to not record the message, if the content is offensive, or if fans ask to promote brands or specific products. Cameo managed to extract value from something that was already...

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TanaCon is “officially cancelled”: when Attention Economy backfires

audience tanacon
Having someone’s undivided attention is not always a good thing: if anything goes wrong, you can’t hide it. Tana Mongeau, TanaCon’s organizer, learned it the hard way. YouTubers taking part in conventions is usually the peak result of attention economy between fans and celebrities. However, if poorly planned, things can turn ugly really fast for both parties. As we know by now, attention economy is a concept widely used among advertisers and markets in various media industries. This includes social...

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